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"the now in contemporary art" Art in America, Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists - August 1987 (page 141)

andy warhol yoko ono
Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono 
at Now Gallery photo: Baird Jones

thomas britt
Thomas Britt at Micro Performances at Now Gallery
(second from left)

Majka Tylicki, Stefan Eins (Fashion Moda Gallery owner)
and Jacek Tylicki
Philip Glass at Now Gallery
Philip Glass 1987

Mark Kostabi, Mag's Laren Stover
and Stephen Style at Now Gallery

now gallery opening
Micro Show opening 1984

The New York East Village art movement of the 80s is now considered to be the most influencial of the later half of the 20th century culture and art.
The Now Gallery was founded in 1983 by an artist and art curator Jacek Tylicki
as his cultural concept.

Fashion Moda in Bronx was a hub of the street art (graffiti), but in the early eighties the East Village became the main gallery quarter in the city. Club 57, Fun Gallery and The Now Gallery where those early places crowded with visual artists, art performers and poets introducing the underground art into the mainstream art world. At the height of the East Village "urban primitive" art scene there were over 120 art galleries, many of which also served as performance spaces.

"Fueled by the inflated Reagan economy, drugs, sex, ambition, and idealism, for what now seems like one brief moment or a blip on the screen of art history, the East Village was the future of art.." from John Perreault's "Artopia Art Diary".